Thursday, October 11, 2007


Gracie is a very soft, sweet, affectionate dog. She is a Great Pyrenees (cross)that we rescued from scheduled euthanasia at a local pound. She was picked up as a stray and although we have no history on her we gather that she was not treated well. Gracie is very sensitive and only wants to please. She is happy girl, but is very calm and relaxed. She has been in a wonderful foster home who has done a FABULOUS job with her. The first time we met Gracie she wouldn't get off the floor, she was covered in feces, and was a matted mess. We unfortunately had to shave her but slowly the hair is growing back. Gracie was petrified of being on leash and refused to walk. She is since doing great- and has overcome her leash phobia. She still however refuses to pee on leash, but is really good off lead and doesn't try and escape the yard. Gracie really likes other dogs, but most of all LOVES people. She wants to be close and touching all of the time, but is very gentle about it. She is a big white shadow who will follow you around if given the chance. The thing that gets me the most about Gracie are her eyes. She has the saddest eyes I have ever seen it is pretty amazing how expressive she is. She is just starting a manners obedience class to work on the basics and has been spayed, vaccinated and vet checked. Gracie is a wonderful dog, and really deserves her happy ending.