Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Go Lucky

Jenna is a 4 month old pup who is as sweet as she looks. She is a Lab/Australian Cattle Dog cross who was surrendered to us when her owners didn't have the time to train her. This pup is very smart and knows lots of things already- she can sit, down, shake a paw, and stay! lay down and shake a paw. Jenna loves people of all ages and is great with kids. She knows to be careful around toddlers but is more than ready to play rough and tumble games with older kids. She loves to play with toys and will happily carry her rope toy around the house. She spent the day at the daycare yesterday and had a blast playing with all her new friends- she was the life of the party and I am sure she was very, very tired last night. She seems to be pretty good with the cat aswell, she is a little rough (as all puppies can be) and will need to learn how to be gentle with them. She has pretty good manners for a puppy and knows not to jump up. She is still being housetrained but this smart little dog will pick this up fast!
Jenna is an all around good dog- she is smart, affectionate, and very cute! She has a nice calm nature, with just enough energy that is easily managed. This dog will need daily walks and exercise and will need basic obedience. This pup is going to make someone a GREAT companion!