Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Photo Shoot

The pups took a field trip today and had their first Photo Shoot! They were a little unsure at first but the tails started wagging soon enough! Enjoy the Pictures!

This is Turk- he is one of the smallest puppies of the bunch but that doesn't stop him from beating up on his brothers!! He is super cuddly and likes to be held. He will most likely change colors when is older- the black will dissapear and he will be a gorgeous caramel color!

Meet Twix- He is a little reserved but is coming around quickly, he likes to be held and will come forward now if you clap your hands. With his short hair, beautiful coloring and great personality this little guy is going to be a very good looking dog as a grown up!

This little cutie is Skor. He has the neatest color of all the puppies and is absolutely a sweetie! He loves to cuddle and will squeeze into you to be as close as possible. He is also one of the most playful at this age!

This little gal is Reece, she is a very sweet, sweet little puppy! She loves people and is the first to come out of the crate to say hi. She is also the biggest puppy in the litter!

Henry- the handsome dude of the bunch! He will have medium to long length hair. He loves to eat and will come running when he hears the food hit the bowl! Sweet Marie, or Marie is an absolute doll and although she can be a little shy once she gets comfortable she is permanent resident in your lap! She is the ultimate snuggler and falls asleep right away. She is quite the player aswell and loves to wrestle with her brothers and sister.

And finally, meet Snickers (or Drew, as he has been nicknamed) He looks so much like my parents dog did as a puppy it is scary! This big fella is the biggest boy, and is also the most scared of the puppies. He is the last to come out of the crate but is easily bribed by food. I am sure that once he figures out that we are the food source he will be following us around like mad! He LOVES to eat!

I will have pictures and a more in-depth bio of Ruthie (their Mom) and Fidget tomorrow!!!