Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Puppies and Supplies!

With 7 puppies we are flying through supplies- Ruthie is not able to feed them anymore at all- she is skin and bones so Natalie and I made the decision to take the pups right off of her. They are LOVING the mashed food, and are coming around great!

So, here is our Puppy Supplies Wish List
Puppy Food-
*we don't want to feed them low quality food- as they need all the nutrients they can get, so we won't accept Old Roy or Puppy Chow.
Lean Cuts Brand Canned Food or Quality Canned
Flea Treatment- Hartz or similar brand for Puppies.
Old Blankets/Sheets
X-Pens or Crates
Puppy Sized Collars
and Foster Homes!!!!
Within the next week or so we will be wanting to get these pups out of the garage and into someones warm house. They will be vet checked, but not vaccinated yet as they are too young. So far they appear to be healthy little pups- who are doing great. We want to send them in two's so if you are interested in fostering it will be two puppies- not one!!! We will supply food- and a crate or X-Pen. Please contact Amanda at 330-5370 if you are interested!

Oh- and I PROMISE pictures today!!!!