Monday, November 19, 2007


So we have some new additions I'd like to tell you about. We have only had them since yesterday afternoon so don't know a ton about them, but I thought I'd at least introduce them to you! These dogs are from the Stand Off dump so will need some TLC from their new homes. Check back in a few days for an article about reserve dogs and the unique challenges they pose.

*I will have pictures later today of them all!*

On to the pooches!

Fidgit - Husky X Collie: Shy and quiet. Needs a foster home with patience, she's not going to be outgoing and playful for a while. She'll be cuddly and follow you around before anything. Already last night when we were unloading her we got a few tentative tail wags. :o) She is very calm and right now still pretty scared but will come around fast. She will need a kennel for seclusion and to hide in when overwhelmed, and to help with house training. Fidget is a pretty little dog with very deep soulful eyes. She is just above knee height. She is a bit on the skinny side, and looks as though she had puppies a few months ago.

Ruthie - Lab X: Gentle and quiet disposition. Loves her pups and is a wonderful and clean mom. Let me and the pups horde into her food dish and let me pet her and reach into food dish while she was eating. Will need a foster home in 4-5 days to get started on house dog manners. Will need to be house trained and be supervised with cats. I would strongly suggest kennel training her right away. She will need 3 meals a day to build up her strength, and possibly be needing surgery in the near future on her leg. Its an old injury as she bends down a bit and rests on the wrist joint of that leg for support. She'll be a great family dog. She was found with her 7 pups under an old couch- her pups are fat and healthy but poor Ruthie is looking pretty thin. She is a very cute little dog though and already her sweet personality is shining through.

The Pups (named after chocolate bars, they are just that yummy!!) We are guessing their age to be between and 3 and four weeks. Their eyes are open and they are quite active already.

Reece - Biggest pup, most outgoing. Black and tan with a bit of white, female. This pup is super adventurous and very brave. She wasn't scared of us at all.

Snickers - Rotti markings. Black and Tan boy. This little guy is a little on the reserved side, but will come around.

Scor - Smallest pup. Brindle head and legs, black body, boy. Adorable is the best word for this little man, he is super cute and is calm and laid back.

Henry - Black long haired boy. Henry will be a real looker when he grows up- he has longer hair and a goofy personality.

Marie - Black with White chest and feet, short hair female. This little girl is very sweet and likes to be cuddled.

Twix - Smooth coat, Black and Tan boy. Twix is a rough and tumble sort of guy, he likes to wrestle with his brothers already!

Turk - Black and Tan boy. This little guy is very sweet and seems like a sensitive sort of fellow.

We are planning to separate Ruthie from the pups in the next few days, so if there are any foster homes out there that would like either the mom or we'll separate the pups into groups of 2 or 3, depending on what you're up for! Please call or email as we'd like to get them into homes asap, they are all currently in my garage that is definitely warmer than outside, but inside is ideal for these babies. Food and kennels are supplied, can drop off. We are also looking for a foster home for Fidget! Thanks to all.
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