Monday, November 26, 2007

A Rescue Mission

A few weeks ago we were contacted by a woman who needed help. Her and her husband were long time supporters of the Raymond Vet Clinic- they would take in abandoned or broken dogs. Over the years they have accumulated more than thirty dogs and about ten cats. Things were going well, they had bought an acreage to be able to do a better job with the dogs, started building outdoor runs, and indoor pens. And then John died. And now Mildred is looking after more dogs than is humanly possible. She is doing the best she can but as you can imagine it is not nearly enough. Natalie and I went out there yesterday to asses some dogs, take pictures and see what we could do to help.

Well, we saw all of the dogs, met most of them and took lots of notes, and lots of pictures. It was pretty overwhelming. I am not sure how Mildred does it. I don't think I could. We met 27 dogs and 6 cats. I have listed them all on Petfinder- you can read their little bios and see pictures.

We want to help Mildred as much as we can and at this point I think the best way to help her is to find homes for all the dogs- so, check out Petfinder. Come to our Adoption Fair and by all means SPREAD THE WORD!!! We are at full capacity right now- and have more on our plates than we really should. But how can we not help????