Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Neena, Tala, and Jennal just wanted to give a big Thanks! to all of our supporters...
Without the support of the community we would be unable to help the dogs we do.

Thank You!

Someone once told me it is a bad idea to list names, but you know- if I forget someone, I'm sorry. I think it is important for all of the people/businesses who help us to be recognized.

Paws on the Run Doggie Daycare
Pet Parade
London Drugs
Alana and Dylan (Dog E Lites)
Don and Bernice
Wendy and Marlin
Debbie and Family
Marja and Mark
Bobbi Davis
Julia and Margaret
Sarah Novak
Pam Brown
Dina and Dwight
Ann Christenson
Sandy and Dustin
Donna Mclaughlin
And to all of our adoptive families aswell!

And of course, there are many people who have offered to help, and we haven't taken you up on the offer yet...the time is coming!!! :o)

As I was compiling the list, I was amazed at how many people care....Thank You!