Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Yesterday was bitter sweet - Fidget was officially adopted by her foster family, Peppers adoption was finalised and Tala was returned. I am very happy for Fidget and her new family- Fidget is a great dog and has settled in great with her family. Pepper is heading to Grande Prairie on Friday- this is a GREAT home for Pepper and I am really excited for him
And then there is Tala. She was adopted just over two weeks ago by an older couple. Yesterday there were many tears as she explained that the medication she started taking to combat the mild allergies were affecting her heart medication. It wasn't safe for Tala to stay with them. Even after two weeks it is amazing the bond that happens and you could see Tala was confused as to why her mom was so sad.
This type of thing doesn't happen often, but when it does it is very difficult for all involved. The adopter has it the worst as they are saying goodbye. Me- the rescuer, it is always frustrating to get a dog back that SO deserves a forver home, and finally the previous foster home- they have a lot invested in a dog like Tala and really love the dog- so it makes it that much tougher to see them back. And of course it is hard for the dog. Tala at this point is pretty happy to be back, and she was VERY excited to see all of her daycare buddies. But in the next day or so I am sure she will realise she isn't going back.
So, Tala is back and I am on a quest to find this dog her forever home. Soon. I would lover for her to have a home for Christmas but that isn't a very realistic goal at this point- and I know that her new foster home will make her christmas a good one. So, stay tuned for a new post about Tala- lots of things have changed in the past few months for her. In the meantime here is the link to an old post about her