Thursday, December 27, 2007

Puppies in a box...UPDATED DEC31

I have had a chance to talk to the foster homes and get a little more information about each pups personality....Dec31/07This morning we had a call from a woman who works at a local livestock auction. Two weeks ago she was cleaning up after hours and found four puppies in a box. On the box they were found in it read- Pug x interesting combo I would think...2 boys and 2 girls Ugh.

She called us to see if we would help her find homes for them. Without a second thought we said that we would take them. The puppies just arrived and oh my are they cute...and they aren't quite what I expected either!!!
So- at first glance there really isn't evidence of anything second glance you notice the round eyes, the squished muzzles, the apparent shortness, and of course the pug tails....They are indeed pugs, they just have the wrong color and coat! We have no idea what size they will eventually be- we are guessing they will be medium sized- under knee height...but there are no guarantees! We like to name the pups after a theme, (it helps us to track the puppies paperwork, and know who came with who) when I called Natalie to ask what she thought immediately she said "Footwear" Funny no?

boy no.1- "Reebok" fostered by Julia (who hasn't picked a name yet)
Reebok is very cuddly and likes to be with you. He is getting braver every day and is showing huge interest in toys. He is in a foster home with other dogs and is doing great! Reebok is well on his way with housetraining and is fabulous in the crate! Good Manners and he's cute???!!! What more could you want!

Brooks- fostered by Sandy and Dustin :o)

Brooks is a real go-getter and is having a blast at Sandy's house- Mira has taken over the position of "Mom." :o) Brooks can be a little cautious when first meeting people but warms up quickly. She and Birke are doing great with the pee pad training and are sleeping through the night. They are in an ex-pen rather than a crate and are doing very well. Brooks likes toys and is discovering the joys of beating up her brother :o)

Lacey- fostered by Wendy and Marlin :o) (I know, not really a Brand name...but Wendy was persisitent :o) )

Lacey is proving herself to be a little sassy pup who has really come out of her shell. She LOVES to fetch and is obsessed with toys. She will pack a stuffed toy around for a few minutes- hide it somewhere and come back for more. It is very cute. Lacey is very opinionated and will stand up for herself. (She and Vice met this morning and it was pretty cute to see short little Lacey chasing the overzealous bulldog puppy away)

Birke (from Birkenstock) - fostered by Sandy and Dustin :o)

Birke is soft and sensitive but ever so happy! He is a cheerful little dude who just isn't quite sure if he is brave :o) Good thing he has Big Sis' Brooks to stand up for him. Birke loves to snuggle and will follow you around in hopes of attention. He is pretty adorable :p

We will keep you all updated on the puppies- I expect these pups to be adopted out quickly (hopefully!!!)