Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Forrest, Neena, Sweet Pea, Jenna, Mouse, Fidget and Pepper have all been adopted in the past few weeks! Yay! With all the activity lately I wanted to post an actual list of the dogs we currently have available for adoption


Ruthie- lab cross, female. Ruthie will be getting her front leg amputated in the new year. Stay tuned for updates. I am going to do a Photo Session with Ruthie this week so will have some better pictures

Tasha- female, Miniature American Eskimo. 5 years old. Natasha is a great little dog who would love nothing more than to hang out with her people all day. She can be a little nervous in new situations but settles down really quickly. * I will be getting pics of her soon aswell!!! I promise!

Oreo- 4 month old German Shorthair Pointer x pup. Oreo is very sweet and playful. He is great with other dogs, and is learning to be gentle with cats. Oreo is well on his way to becoming a well behaved dog- he hasn't had an accident in his foster home, is crate trained and sleeps through the night, he comes when he's called and is learning out to Sit and lie down. He really is a good little guy!

Jade- 2 year old female Jack Russell Terrier. Jade is an absolute sweetheart and loves to cuddle. She is great off leash and is good with most other dogs. She is learning how to be well behaved with cats, and would do fine in a home with kids. Jade is quite playful but isn't an off the wall hyper terrier. She is actually quite calm. :o)

Puppies- we have five Golden Retriever puppies who will be ready for their new homes at the end of January. The mom is Sofie who is a calm, gentle Golden- and the dad is a mystery- more than likely a lab (from the colors of the puppies)

Tala- is still looking for that perfect home. She is a Sheltie cross who really needs a permanent loving home. She is about 1 year old and is sweetheart. She loves to be with you, is well behaved in the house, walks great on a leash and loves other dogs, cats and people!!! She's almost perfect!

Nikita- 14 month old Coonhound. She is a very friendly, happy dog. She is great indoors but has spent alot of time outside aswell. She is great with kids and knows lots of tricks. Nikita is a typical hound in that she will follow her nose when she is off leash- but overall is a great dog!

and that's it....for now!