Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What about Pepper?

Poor Pepper. He didn't get any applications at all from the Adoption Fair. And the two people who were interested in him didn't come back for a second visit?! Poor Guy, he's going to have a complex!

Pepper's Attributes
  • he's very handsome
  • loves to play fetch
  • great with other dogs
  • good with cats
  • good with kids
  • well behaved (for the most part)
  • is learning leash manners
  • he is very food motivated (i.e easily trained)
  • did I say that's he's very handsome??
  • he loves to cuddle
  • he's crate trained
  • not a big barker
  • loves to run and looks amazing while doing so!
  • he is houstrained (mostly- he's had a few accidents)
  • loves everyone- this dog is friendly to a fault!

Peppers "Imperfections"

  • he is friendly (a little over zealous sometimes)
  • loves to run (needs to learn a better recall, but if you are a jogger this could be a good thing!)
  • can be a little anxious if left alone for long periods of time
  • loves you- alot....can be a bit bothersome at time...(i.e would willingly jump in a bathtub with you)

I couldn't really think about anything else negative about the guy. He really is a great dog and with the right home will settle down and become and even better dog than what he is now.

So- Spread the word! This dog needs a home, badly.

All Pepper want for Christmas is someone to love him!!!