Wednesday, January 2, 2008

a Big Hug

"I would just like to give a BIG HUG to Natalie,Amanda and all foster parents and wish them all a Happy,Healthy,2008.
Because of Natalie and Amanda we are in the process of adding Figit to our home,she was our first foster dog that tugged at our heart strings and won her way into our hearts.
When the clock struck midnight last night for a new year,I went over to Figit and gave her a big hug and told her nobody will ever hurt you again,and we are looking ahead and never looking back,she looked at me with a smile and wagging tail,like she understood every word I said.
I thank you, Figit thanks you ,and 98 other dogs thank you for all your hard work,you are true angels.And yes we'll be there for those fund raisers and for any doggy that needs us again in 2008...HAPPY NEW YEAR"
-Kathy, proud new owner of Figit.