Tuesday, January 1, 2008

An excitng 2007 and 2008 to come.

Well, its over!!! With 9 hours to go until the new year, we took in our 99th dog! She's the cutest little thing, check her out below. And, we had one completed adoption and two pending as well.

Amanda and I had a great time in 2007. We would like to thank all of you who fostered, adopted, donated or just said a few kind words on the blog. We do have really stressed out, bad days where I know I'm in tears, and never really having time to think about the good we do, I love coming onto this blog and reading your comments and it feels great to get encouragement and for someone to be giving us a pat on the back. Please keep it up.

We had a great time at the adoption fair and many people are asking for another one! So, yes, we are planning and we are hoping to put on another adoption fair sometime in March. We'd like to start having 3-4 adoption fairs a year. Not sure if it will at the one in March, but we are planning to throw a pet supply garage sale at the same time. We'll be asking for donations and help to pull it off.

This is exciting news: our charity papers on in the works and we are hoping that sometime this new year, we'll be getting charitable status. This is great for those of you wanting to donate but need a receipt. We did get an account set up a few months ago, so cheques can now be made out to Prairie Dog Canine Rescue.

Ruthie is going to have a busy year. We've saved up almost $900.00 for her! She is already booked for her x-rays that will answer alot of questions. As soon as she's finished with that, I start making calls to vets who specialize in orthopedics, explain her and our situation and hopefully find one that will give us a discount for her surgery. Fingers crossed.

Last but not least, we enter this new year with a quick list of dogs that are available:
Tala: Sheltie X, we do have 2 applications in for her.

: 5yr female Mini Am. Eskimo
Oreo: 4m. male Pointer X

Reebok & Lace-e
: 8 week Pug X
Elvis: 12 weeks Shep X

: 7 week Am Bulldog X Boxer
: 1y female Coonhound
and Dixie: 12 week Sheltie X. Of course there are also Sofie's pups
which are Golden Ret. X and will be ready to go the beginning of February.

So, in signing off, thank you again for all who, in some way, involved yourself with our rescue efforts and in the lives of 'our' dogs. Without you all Minnie, Kyla, Lexus, Turtle, Sasha, Sparky, Duke, Patches, Shiloh, Baxter, Mickey, Bucky, Quinn, Fred, Taya, Bo, Macy, Rosco, Charlie, Sproket, Lexi, Diva, Koko, Kiki, Jetta, Whiskey, Sammy, Diamond, Copper, Vito, Ferro, Yeti, Kairie, Crazie, Mishka, Archer, Blue, Lexi, Denver, Gracie, Polly, Kela, TimBit, Bridget, Beckham, Spencer, Louie, Link, Pache, Boris, Sofie, Neena, Pepper, Atlas, Jenna, Halo, Reece, Skor, Twix, Turk Henry, Marie, Snickers, Figit, Bosotn, Max, Ruby, Forrest, Rika, Molly, KC, Red, Sweat Pea, Q, Mouse, Brooks, and Birke, would not been able to be helped and in new adoptive homes!!

Thats it, thats all! We need to go and get Neena ready, her new family is picking her up in an hour! Bye Neena.