Monday, January 7, 2008

Puppy Fever

So here they are!!! Sofie's pups are growing like weeds and are "big" enough now to have individual pics and bios. Aren't they cute????

ADOPTED Houston - large male golden, he is big and dopey but definatley a handsome

little fellow, first to eat and last to stop.

ADOPTED Izzy is bossy and very much a tomboy she loves to wrestle with the boys


PENDING Phoenix - small all black male, smallest of all the pups, he is very quiet and tends to keep to himself unless mom is there to cuddle with

PENDING Dakota - male black with a white chin, my little buddy, he is happy, playful and always meets me at the kennel door to have a cuddle

Del (Delaware) - black male with 3 white paws, he and Tex wrestle all the time and love escaping the pen together and tugging on pant legs

ADOPTED: Georgia - female golden, super sweetheart, full of kisses but holds her own against the boys, barks at them to tell them to smarten up

Hammy (New Hampshire, okay so we where getting short of names) - black male with one white back paw, very friendly and one of the more outgoing pups.

ADOPTED Tex (Texas) - male golden, he is definitley the leader of the pack, he loves to play and waking up his brothers and sisters.