Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I am sure you have all heard about the 4 week old Puppies who were found in an outhouse. I got an email initially from a friend who lives in the Pass who was involved in the rescue. It has now spread to the Tv and Radio news. It is pretty disgusting and is a pretty good example of just how horrible people can be. Unfortunately abandoning or throwing away dogs or litters of puppies aren't all that uncommon. We have had four cases of just that in the past three months. There is no end in sight to this sort of thing I guess it all comes down to education.

They were discussing this on the radio this morning and one of the hosts said something to this effect "you could at least put them in a box and leave them on someone's door" how is that for sending a message to the public. I didn't hear this first had mind you, but a concerned friend called me to vent about it. I am not quite sure if the host was joking or serious but either way he is sending the wrong message...But perhaps that is what he thinks and knows???

Now bear with me here, as I am a bit on the cranky side today....

If you don't spay your dog, who lives out in the yard, or gets loose one day and ends up having puppies- whose responsibility is it???? That's right- yours.

When said puppies are 3 weeks old and start to need actual food- whose responsibility is it to feed them??? That's right- yours

When said puppies are 8 weeks old and need to find new homes- whose responsibility is it to find loving, caring, homes??? That's right- yours

When said puppies are 7 months old and have ended up in a shelter, pregnant themselves, or tied up on a chain starving and cold- whose responsible- that's right- You are.

People need to learn to take responsibility for their actions. Particularily when it comes to pets.

I will post more later when I am less cranky. I have tried to make a point of not venting here, as I don't want to give the wrong impression but this really got to me. I will post later today educating people about HOW they can be more responsible...in the mean time don't get offended.