Monday, February 11, 2008

Beautiful Willow

Willow is a beauty although my pictures don't do her justice. She is amazingly hard to photograph- she doesn't stand and pose like some dogs will, when she isn't playing with other dogs she is at my feet, and she has a very dark face which makes it hard to get a decent picture. Despite my poor attempts at getting a picture of her these two didn't turn out too horrible so I thought I would share.
Willow has really come out of her shell and is doing awesome. She is learning about being in a crate and is doing great on a leash. She loves to cuddle and is very playful. She has come to daycare a few times and she does well with other the dogs but still gets a little nervous if there are too many. She likes to keep them all in line and it's rather hard to keep 20 dogs organised and in a corner!