Monday, February 11, 2008

How Could They???!!!

Today we got a surprise visit from a lady in Cardston- someone had turned into her a pup that was wandering around on the outskirts of town- the person who found her put ads up and no one has come forth to claim her. The pup appears to be about 9 weeks old and is a rottweiler- and someone has docked her tail themselves. It is a horrible thing to imagine and they did a really bad job. Thankfully it is not infected and will just need to be cleaned on a regular basis to promote healthy healing.

We have named her Brie and she is one fiesty little pup! She is very brave and nothing has phased her. She has been vaccinated and is a happy, healthy little pup. Brie will need to go to an experience dog household as she will be a large dog and will need a consistent up bringing. Brie loves to play and already is packing toys around- she is quite content to play by herself! Typical of all puppies she is learning about bite inhibition, housetraining, crate training and basic manners. Brie is super smart and catches on really quickly. Her tail has been cleaned up and will not be a problem for her later.

She is the newest dog in our system and we need a foster home!

The role of the foster home is to treat the dog like their own- teach them manners, crate train them, get started on the fun job of housetraining. We supply a crate, food and support! We predict with this particular puppy that she will be adopted within a two week time period so you may have her for as little as a week!