Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Going Home

I finally have had time to post some Happy Endings on the new "extension" of the blog- you can check it out Here. We frequently get updates as to how the dogs do when they finally get home and settled- the stories are great, and it is really nice to hear how a dog that you once loved is doing. There is only a few on there at the moment, but I have more to post, and more on the way so be sure to check back!

Some Updates about Current comings and goings;

Willow and Nikita are both going on Friday- we are driving them to Cranbrook to fly to their respective homes on Friday because of the whole Westjet new policy about flying dogs. -A word of advice if you intend on flying a dog- be sure to call to set up an account, and be prepared to wait 14 business days to be able to even book. It was a real hassle but thankfully we have it all figured out through a really great company in BC.
I have a few applications on cute little Brie- I hope to get some more pictures in the next few days. She is REALLY cute! I also have one on Dory as well.
Also, we are making room for some new additions. Five little Beagle cross puppies will be coming on Friday....anyone want to foster one or two????!!! ;o)