Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sampson Overload

Funny guy Sampson is still looking for that right home-he has been doing great at his foster home and has proven himself to be a great house dog! Sam has a great personality and will be an easy dog to love- he has a super smile, and just that tail-wagging, typical retriever attitude.

He came to daycare a few days last week and was the life of the party- he really does love other dogs- he played with everyone, big and small- and had a great time.

Sam would be a perfect dog for a young family as he is awesome with kids- he is gentle, calm and respectful. It is amazing to see this big dog negotiate around a group of kids so that he doesn't knock anyone down.

Sampson is an all around great family dog- easy going in the house, good on leash, travels well, good in the house, fully housetrained, loves kids- what more could you want???