Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Lost Sister

This is Willow. Does she look familiar??? That's because we've had her two brothers and sisters in rescue already. This was the pup the owner found a home for herself. She was brought to a local pet store with the threat of a bullet if no one took her.
Willow has very obviously spent her life so far doing what she wanted- chasing livestock to be exact. This is what happens when you take a high energy dog, that has the breed traits to chase livestock and run forever, put it on a farm without a job and presto! You have a dog like Willow. One that is as sweet as they come but who will need some obedience work, and lots of love and patience.
She is petrified of the crate and will bark when left in one. She is fine when she is loose but has a serious fear of being confined. This tells us she was either confined a lot or not at all. Willow is very similar to her brothers in that she is outgoing and bubbly. She loves everyone, plays great with other dogs and is just a nice dog. Willow is a bit longer in the body than Oreo and is a little taller as well. She's a beauty though and with time, training, and love she will become a great dog!