Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Nothin' New

Well it has been quiet on the rescue front- which is a good thing! It was getting a little crazy there for a while. We have had some adoptions in the past week or so

Wyatt has been adopted to a great home here in Lethbridge. He will be very spoiled and loved.

Sierra has found her perfect home, a family who has adopted from us previously have fallen in love with her.

Otto is settling in well with his big brother Bobbi. The boys are having a great time together!

All of Sofie's pups have been adopted and are gone to their new homes.

Nikita is flying to her new home on the 15th. She is going to Vancouver. We are looking for a gently used hard crate that someone would sell or donate so we can keep expenses down for her new family.

So that leaves Ruthie, Oreo, and Sampson. I have an application on Ruthie but poor Oreo is still in Foster Care. He is a really great little guy and I'm not quite sure why he hasn't been adopted yet. Oreo will be starting an Obedience class soon so hopefully that will increase his chance of being adopted.