Sunday, March 30, 2008

Adoption Fair

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So just in case you all didn't know we are having an Adoption Fair on Sunday!!!!

It will be lots of fun, and a great opportunity to actually meet all of the dogs in rescue. We are having two guest rescues as well- so will have more than 20 dogs here.
It runs from 10:00 - 5:00, there will be volunteers on hand to answer questions about the dogs, and hopefully we'll get a few adoptions out of it.

We did one at the beginning of December- and it was great, we got a lot of press which was a great way to spread the word about rescue. We are really excited to be doing one again.

Paws on the Run (242 12 St. N) has again donated space for us to have this, and without it we wouldn't be able to have the fair. So thanks to Wendy at Paws on the Run!

We will have raffle tickets, as well as a silent auction of sorts- we've gotten lots of great donations from various businesses around town so there will be lots of great stuff you can win.

A friend of mine, (who is a graphic desginer) donated her time to create what we thing is a perfect shirt logo for us!!! Thanks Sarah!We will have a few PDCR t-shirts for sale. For $25 you can buy the coolest rescue t-shirt....

It will be a busy, and somewhat chaotic day, but I am sure it will be lots of fun!!!

Hope to see you there!!!!