Monday, March 31, 2008


The adoption fair was awesome! The dogs all had a great time playing, and we had a ton of people come by! Thank you very, very much for supporting us!!! It is greatly appreciated. Between the raffle, the t-shirts and the cookies we raised just over $600.00 which is amazing!

We wouldn't have been able to do it without the help of our volunteers! Thank you ladies! (and gentlemen) It was a very busy day and everyone worked hard to keep things flowing.

And now, for the exciting news- We had FIVE adoptions! Yay!

Luna was adopted by a great family who will love and spoil her.

Three of our new dogs- Freddie, Reba and Mya were adopted as well! In the excitement I didn't even get a photo!

Reba was a four month old Samoyed/Shepherd cross. A beautiful little pup who arrived in the trunk of a car.....she went to a fabulous home where she can sleep in the comfort of a warm house and be treated like the princess she is!

Mya was surrendered due to allergies and her great personality and temperament won over a lot of people! I got four applications throughout the day on her. Once narrowed down to two it was a very difficult decision...Mya will be very happy cuddling with her new family on the couch and playing ball at the park! Oh- she is a border collie x cattle dog cross...

Freddie is a very large German Shepherd cross. He is roughly 5-6 months old and is very handsome. He does have some fear issues that need to be resolved but his new family are more than willing to spend the time with him. He will have a great home!

And although Portia isn't officially adopted yet, she does have a hold on her. If all goes well she may be heading to her new home next week! Yay for Portia!

Shauna from Mistycreek had a few applications on little Turbo as well as applications on dogs that weren't even there! She brought a long a binder full of pictures and stories about her available dogs.

Melanie from Second Chance in Pincher Creek had a successful day aswell. She had three great adoptions-Arthur the little Sheltie cross was an absolute doll and was a very popular little pup! Kyser the doberman was adopted by one of our own volunteers- Congrats to Alana and Dylan on their new addition. And little Kurby the beagle cross puppy went home with Roberta.....we of course new she would ;o)

Overall it was a great day- there were a few little "blurps" but I was very satisfied how things went and can't wait for the next one!!!

Thanks again to all of our supporters, volunteers and of course the families who have adopted!!!

On a side note- both Nero and Eddie were adopted on Friday! They are both great dogs and have a long life of ball playing and cuddles ahead of them!