Monday, March 10, 2008

Cuddle Bug....a.k.a Rika

Rika is a 6 month old Cattle Dog Cross. She is very petite, very cute, and very cuddly. She oozes sweetness and is a complete doll. I think she's beautiful! She is quite small- weighing around 25 lbs or so! She is much shorter than she looks in the pictures! (she is a few inches below knee height)

Like I mentioned before she is a very sweet, affectionate puppy. But she does take her affection a little too far! She likes to lean on you, and would love to sit in your lap. She adores petting and will smear herself into you. (hard to imagine, but believe me- she couldn't get any closer)
She does this with most people- even those she's never met. It's quite charming really.
Rika is learning house manners, crate training, and is becoming a better all around dog. She is learning that it is okay to be left alone and that you don't have to hide when you're afraid. Typical of herding breeds she is sensitive- she doesn't like to be in trouble and will melt to the ground if reprimanded. Despite her soft personality I think that with consistent love and training she will become a fabulous little dog. She is already most of the way there!