Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Petfinder.com is the most amazing site. Ever. It truly is doing a great service. We list all of our available dogs on there and we get a ton of hits every day. Petfinder has helped us to find forever homes for our dogs as far away as Ontario and Vancouver. It is quite amazing really.

I regularly surf petfinder, not because I am looking for a dog myself, but we get requests for specific types of dogs so I always keep a look out. And of course I just like to read about the dogs, particularily older dogs, tough dogs, and of course my own breed- the corgi.

Here are a few of my favorites on Petfinder.

Sidekick- a corgi cross, he has been on there for a reallllly long time. I feel so badly for him. I really wish he'd find a forever home soon!

Snoopy- he is super cute, and looks like a complete goofball!

Petunia- she has a cute name, and I am a sucker for a pitbull. She is very beautiful...

and Farley- an old dog, with no where to go....how sad is that

Anyway- just wanted to make sure that the regular readers of the blog know about Petfinder and how great it is. So- if you are looking for a dog, and don't see one here that interests you take a quick peek at petfinder.com. You can search just in this area, or search for a particular type of dog.....it's simple, and great!