Wednesday, March 12, 2008


We got a call yesterday from a woman who found a dog down at Popson. Which in itself wouldn't be all that unusual- but being that she found the dog ( a puppy) cowering underneath an old dresser in a pile of garbage, with a little toy and blanket placed beside her tells us that she was probably ditched there. Now, we could be way off base. Maybe she is just a little lost puppy- but more than likely she was left down there when someone realised that perhaps a puppy wasn't what they wanted afterall. She isn't officially available for adoption as we will place ads and see if we can find her owners (if she is lost)

She is very beautiful in an exotic sort of way. It will be interesting to see how her personality unfolds when she settles into her foster home. From her looks I believe her to be a Shiba Inu cross of some sort- probably a shepherd or something similar. She is just below knee height and is the most gorgeous red sable color. She has a very "foxy" face, and has lovely eyes.

At the moment she is adjusting to living indoors- and is doing great with people. She is petrified of other dogs right now though- and is very reluctant to have anything to do with them. I think she will come around as soon as she learns that not all dogs are a threat. I am guessing she is about 5 months old or so. Her puppy teeth are gone and she has very new, still young adult teeth.

I can't wait to get pictures so I can show you all just how pretty she is....and then maybe you can tell me what you think she's crossed with.....Her foster mom and I have decided that Roux is a fitting name for a little red dog.