Monday, March 17, 2008, Slow Eddie

This is Eddie. Isn't he a handsomefella? Eddie is a five year old Chocolate Lab who has been a much loved family pet his whole life. Due to a move he is unable to stay with his family.
Eddie is a very happy guy who has a great personality. He is well past the obnoxious lab stage and is easy going and relaxed in the house, but more than willing to play fetch for hours.
Eddie was raised in a dayhome so is exceptional with children. He is very patient with them. He is good with other dogs, and is content to be the low man on the totem pole. He just likes to make everyone happy! Eddie has been around cats and is actually a little afraid of them- although he would do fine living in a household with cats.
He is of course completely housetrained, sleeps in a crate at night, loves car rides and is great on a walk. He loves to swim in the river (don't all labs) and like I mentioned before lives for a good game of fetch.
I would really like to see Eddie get adopted quickly as he is just an all around good boy and the sooner he gets into a home the better!!!