Monday, March 17, 2008


Lucy is a four year old Chocolate lab who hasn't had the best life so far. Despite that she is a great dog. She is friendly, ball obsessed, loves to go for walks, is good in the house, and did I mention she is a fetching machine????!!! This dog LIVES for fetching. She will fetch anything- toys, sticks, garbage. You throw it, she'll fetch it.
Lucy is okay with other dogs but we believe she has been an only dog as she doesn't know how to share- she can be possesive of toys, food and anything else she thinks is valuable. Lucy will need a firm, but fair approach to training as she is a typical alpha female. Therefore she won't be adopted out to a home with another alpha female.
Lucy is not the most attractive girl- but she makes up for it in personality. She really wants to please, and would be happy following you around all day. Up until a few weeks ago Lucy lived outdoors- her coat is bleached from the sun but in a few months it will return to a beautiful mocha color.

Lucy is looking for a family that will throw her ball, let her sleep at their feet, cuddle with her when she's scared, throw her ball, take her for long walks, and mostly a family who will love and adore her.