Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wanna Play?

Here's OZZY! Isn't he the cutest thing you've seen? Ozzy sure thinks so!!! Ozzy is confident, outgoing, adaptable and just all around happy. Nothing brings this guy down and I am sure that he is going to be adopted quick. We don't know anything about Ozzy except that he is housetrained, good with other dogs and seems to be a great house dog!

Ozzy is ultra playful and really enjoys wrestling with the boys, and flirting with the girls. He is very full of himself and is really hard to resist. He is friends with everyone he meets and is gentle with kids.
We are guessing that he is around 8months old. We are also guessing that he is a corgi cross of some sort. He is very l-o-n-g and is abnormally tall for a corgi as well. He has the trademark ears though and he is still very short...
Ozzy has been moved to a foster home just today so we will have more updates on him in the next few days.