Friday, April 18, 2008

Miss Confidence..

If Mya was a person she'd be one of those highschool cheerleader girls. She is ultra happy and bubbly all of the time. She is outgoing, friendly and very quick to make friends (both 4 legged and 2 legged!)Mya is a Cattle Dog/Border Collie cross who is very much the life of the party. She loves to play- and is a great retriever. Although she is an active girl she is not hyper- nor is she one of those off the wall type dogs. She knows how to be calm and settle down in the house.

Mya is completely housetrained and is good in the crate. She will seek it out during the day if she needs a nap- or to hide her toys! Mya has been exposed to kids, cats and other dogs- she handles everything with ease and confidence.

She is a pretty little dog with a cute floppy ear that matches her carefree personality. Mya stands roughly 19 inches tall and weighs about 35lbs. She is a dog who will require brushing and a good quality food to keep the shedding down. Mya is also very much a princess and has been allowed to sleep on the furniture. She is not happy to be out in the yard by herself and will protest! She loves to run and play and is great off leash. She would make an excellant jogging partner!!!

My says that she is ready for her new home and would like a family that she could call her own!