Sunday, April 20, 2008

We sure have a lot of great dogs right now!!! We don't have one dog who has tough issues, or wouldn't make a great pet. It is amazing really how lucky we have been.

In adoption news....

Bo has been adopted by his foster family! Yay for him! He is such a good boy- and we have had him for quite some time with no interest- poor guy. But- he now he has his happy ending and will be very spoiled and loved for the rest of his life.

Tula and Jett have very promising applications on them-
we will know early this week if it is a go.

I also have applications on both Rika and Scout. The weather has thrown a little glitch into the process though- so it will be another week before the decision is made about either of them.

The dogs still in the system are doing well and settled into their foster homes.

The gambling brothers- Vegas and Reno are getting cuter by the day and are really enjoying this weather! They are growing like weeds and are on day 3 of no accidents!!! Good boys!

Scout is as cute as ever and is the sweetest little thing- he just wants to cuddle! He had a blast at daycare running around and playing with the other dogs.

Rika is a doll but is getting more and more attached to her foster home. She is one of those dogs who attach very quickly and it is getting difficult for her now. She is starting to show signs of stress and really isn't showing her little personality off anymore to people who meet her. But- hopefully within the week she will be adopted!

Nikki is doing well- we took her off the website early last week as there was some misunderstanding with a previous owner. It has since been dealt with and Nikki is looking for that perfect family. She is a 6 year old Belgian Malinois who is smart, sweet and needs a stable loving home to call her own.
Mya has settled into her foster home and is burning off some steam at daycare during the day. She is a party girl and loves to play. She is great with the other dogs and is very smart- too smart for her own good actually!

Lucy STILL is looking for a home. I can't beleive we've had no interest in this dog! She is a 4 year old Chocolate Lab who just wants a warm bed to call her own. She adores people, and is past the obnoxious lab stage- she is friendly and outgoing, and of course loves to fetch!