Wednesday, April 9, 2008


When Natalie and I went to Stand Off a few weeks ago there was a little tri-color dog that I tried to catch and couldn't- there were too many people around, and I scared the little dog off by trying to grab it.

Yesterday, in my conversation with the Pound Rescue volunteer she mentioned a little dog that they had picked up- and had neutered, but no one claimed him- would we have room for him as well? I was so sure it was him immediately I said yes.

I dreamt about this dog for four nights- I felt so bad leaving him behind, and knew that he would be highly adoptable and that he deserved to sleep on a warm bed, and be loved by his owners.

It turned out that yes- it is the same little dog- and I adore him. We have named him Scout.
When we first saw him a few weeks ago he was playing with some kids- chasing their bikes, just hanging out with them. He is in pretty good shape, and is just a little underweight. Someone loved this dog once.
Scouts heritage is a mystery. Initially he was labelled as a corgi cross, but I am not sure that is very accurate. Again- with reserve dogs it is very hard to tell as they are generations of cross breeds- you get all sorts of weird things!! For the sake of our paperwork I am going to call him a Sheltie cross- as the size, color and something about his face is right. He is much smaller than he looks in the pictures and is probably about 15 inches tall or so. He is light on his feet and is quite athletic.
Scout is very friendly and loves attention. He will sit for a cookie and takes it very gently- even though he is starving. He is not housetrained- but we are working on crate training and at this point I am sure he will catch on pretty quickly. Scout appears to be fine with cats, and is great with other dogs.
That is all the information I have on him for now- but stay tuned for more on the little cutie!
(oh- and although the pics don't show it- he has very large,
pointy ears that stand up every so a little elf....)