Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Boys

Yesterday morning I recieved a call from one of the volunteers at Pound Rescue. They were in Stand Off and were wondering if we could help. They were taking dogs back after the spay/neuter clinic on the weekend- and found two more sets of puppies. They have no room, and we do. So we of course said yes. There was supposed to be a litter of nine- which by the time they got to the house they could only find three- cute little shepherd cross pups, happy friendly and still very young. Misty Creek has these pups if you are interested.
And then there were these two. Adorable don't you think?
Initiall we thought that perhaps they were little Pit Bull type crosses, but after baths and cuddling we decided that they have very Sharpei like noses, and the little black pup- Reno, has a very tight little curly tail....So officically we are calling them Sharpei crosses.
Reno is a little boy, with white on his feet and chest. At this point they are still a little shocked about their life changes so we don't know a ton about their personality- but they are happy, and tail wagging- and will be bouncy normal little pups in no time. They are very skinny, and slightly dehydrated but otherwise are healthy.

This handsome little guy we've named Vegas. He is much more flashy than his brother- and has a thicker coat. Vegas still has the trademark nose though and cute flat little ears. ;o)