Friday, April 4, 2008

Updated List of Available Dogs

Bo- 1 year old male, lab cross. Bo has a heart of gold and will make a great companion. He likes to lie at your feet and enjoys going for long walks. He would be an ideal camping or hiking buddy. Bo is completely housetrained and well behaved in the house.

Rika- 8 month old Cattle dog cross. Rika is a petite little thing- weighing maybe 25 lbs. She is small but mighty and has energy to burn- she loves to run and play. Rika is calm in the house though and loves to snuggle. She crawls right onto your lap and will stay there until you make her move! She is a great blend of action and relaxation!

Tula- approx 1.5 years old. Red Australian Cattle Dog. Tula is a complete doll who is very talkative. She makes little grunting noises and will carry on a conversation with you! She is slowly coming out of her shell and will make an excellent family dog. She is great with kids and really seems to love them. Tula can still be a little shy though and will need patience and love. She is housetrained and is comfortable in the house.

Jett- 2 year old Border Collie. Jet is an absolute dream and although I initially pegged him for an outside farm type dog he has surprised us all! He is GREAT in the house- never has an accident and is calm and comfortable. This isn't your typical BC- he is relaxed and easy going- never getting too excited and seems to know when the time is right to play, and time to just chill. He is great with the other dogs and respects cats. Jett is great with kids, and would be a great family dog. He loves to go for walks and is great off leash.

Lucy- 4 year old Chocolate Lab. Lucy is a loveable dog with lots of personality. She is very affectionate and bonds very quickly to people. She is a typical lab in that she loves to fetch, is happy to meet everyone- but unlike some labs she has an "off" switch and is content to hang out and suntan in the backyard! She is a great age as she is past the horrible teenage stage, but isn't an old dog either. Lucy can be possesive of toys and food with other dogs so would be best suited to be an only dog.

Felix- 9 week old Lab cross. Felix and his sister Portia were found on the reserve playing among the garbage. He is a cute little guy who with a little love and patience will blossom into a great little pup. Felix is still quite shy but is slowly working up enough courage to actually come and meet people. He will be a medium-large sized dog when he is full grown.