Monday, May 26, 2008


I'd like to introduce you all to Carly....

Carly is approximately 7 weeks old and has not had a very good start to life. She was found just over two weeks ago, starving, almost dead on the reserve. For the first few weeks we weren't sure if she'd make it- she couldn't keep food down, and didn't seem to be gaining weight. It was discovered last week that she had Coccidia- which thankfully was easy to treat and we are happy to say that she has gained a few pounds and is acting like a normal puppy.

Since we've had Carly she has been in a great foster home and because of that really has grown into a great little puppy- she is doing great in the housetraining department, and will look for a pee pad to go the bathroom on. She adores people, and is super outgoing. Carly loves to snuggle and will lay upside down in your arms for a belly rub- she is a very affectionate puppy and will seek out attention. Carly is phenomenal with kids- and is very gentle, she doesn't nip at them , but will play nicely.

Her foster home has two cats so Carly has been well socialised with them and doesn't chase or bug them. She also has been very socialised with other dogs and has no fear at all. She thinks everyone should be her best friend- and is confident that they will love her. :o) She loves to play and is learning about toys, and how to play fetch.

Carly has a lovely temperament and is just a happy, happy girl. Her little tail goes 100mph and she makes happy puppy noises. She would make a great addition to any family and really is a very nice little puppy!