Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bad News

So it seems that our bad luck isn't over. We understand that when we get puppies from the reserve that there are risks. As a rescue it is part of our job and we expect it. Occasionally. We have had more than our share lately.

Echo and Diego were adopted out together by a great couple who have had them for almost 20 days. Both Puppies were diagnosed with Parvo on Monday. Parvo has a 10 day incubation period wich means that they did not come with Parvo, and nor did they contract it in our care. However we will still stand by and support our puppies. Echo and Diego are being treated at Natalie's- where a local vet is donating her time to come and check on them three times a day. Echo is on IV- and so far Diego is showing no symptoms.

Parvo is a disease that attacks dogs with weak or lowered immune systems. Both of these pups have had their first set of shots and were due to recieve their second this week. But both of these pups had an unhealthy start to life and obviously had a comprimised immune system. It is VERY important to vaccinate your puppies, and it is even more important to keep them close to home until after the 2nd Booster. We are hoping for a fast recovery for both puppies. Please keep us in your thoughts.

And then there is Carly who is a beautiful little thing with peircing eyes, and a fantastic little personality. Carly was diagnosed with Coccidia and has been on treatment for that for just over a week. She seemed to be doing great- was gaining weight and we were optimistic enough to put her up for adoption. Last night she started having seizures. She was rushed to the clinic where it was decided that the Coccidia is most likely the cause. They will be continuing tests today.

It makes it so hard when you love these puppies. And we truly do love each and every dog that comes through our rescue. In Carly's case Natalie has nursed that puppy back to health for almost 3 weeks can imagine the attachment.

We spent almost $2000 on treatment for Vegas and Reno not even a month ago. Our funds are seriously depleted so we have been working on planning another adoption fair/garage sale/fundraiser event and I will have more details on that in the next few days.

For now, we have more T-Shirts for sale! They were a hit at the last adoption fair so we ordered a bunch more. The Shirts are $25 each- all profits of course go to the vet bill. We make $10 a shirt and have nearly 40 to sell!
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