Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Three's Company...

We have three new arrivals to tell you about.

Freddie- 19 month old Chocolate Pomeranian.

He is about 2-4 lbs and is cute as a button! Freddie is a great little dog who loves everyone. He is happy, outgoing and has a great sense of humour. Freddie is happiest when he is hanging out at your feet, but does have that typical Pom independance! He knows how to sit, and has the cutest feet paddling ever! When he is excited he spins in circles and does a little dance. It is quite charming!He is great with other dogs and would be okay in a home with older children. Freddie's ideal home would be a family who would love and spoil him- but could also provide the exercise he needs.

There were pups being given away at a livestock auction this past weekend and when they weren't sold by the end of the day a concerned doglover took them home. They are now vaccinated and dewormed and looking for their forever homes!!

Dodger: 12-14 week old Retriever Cross puppy. -ADOPTED

Dodger is a handsome little guy with a splash of white on his chest on an otherwise black body. He is as scruffy as they get and will probably be a low shedding dog as an adult. Dodger is more laid back than his brother and is easy going and just happy to be.

He is a quiet little pup who doesn't make much fuss (except when he is traveling in a crate that is!!) He is a typical puppy- and loves to play and run around. He just isn't as pushy as his big brother! Typical of puppies he is learning house training, crate training and just general manners.

Yankee- 12-14 week old Retriever Cross. ADOPTED

Yankee is as cute as they come. He is a gorgeous gold color with very dark, peircing eyes. He is outgoing, friendly and is a typical retriever.

Yankee is the more assertive puppy of the two and will push his way past his brother to get to you first. He ALWAYS wants to be first :o) Yankee is a typical pup in that he loves to play, and is learning manners and housetraining.