Thursday, May 15, 2008


We have lots of exciting news to share...

Lucy and Reno are heading to their new homes this weekend! Woohoo! They are going to wonderful families who will love and spoil them. We are very happy for both of them.

In the past few weeks we have had lots of great adoptions- Echo, Diego, Jet, and Rika just to name a few!

Little Maybe is doing great. She is really coming along and is getting better and better with meeting new people. She can still be a little scared at first but is learning that people are good. Maybe really likes other dogs, and seems to be great with cats. She is sleeping all through the night and has had no accidents. We have discovered that Maybe does not like kids so will not be adopted out to a home with small children.

Mya is doing great too now that she is in a foster home with no cats. She is working on her manners and is becoming a great little dog!

Jimi is learning general house manners and is scheduled to be neutered right away. His foster family adore him and are enjoying having him around. He is such an easy going guy!

and we have a new little addition....more to come on her later.

We have finally found a garage to rent- so we can store all of our extra crates, expens and supplies. We have been looking for the past month or so with little luck. We are very grateful to have finally found one. Now Natalie's husband can actually park his car in their garage :o)

We will be working on planning a fundraiser or two- our bank account is very low after treating two parvo puppies. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks again to everyone who donated in support of Reno and Vegas. - big or small it was amazing to have everyones support. Reno thanks you :o)