Wednesday, June 4, 2008

4 days...

is how long it took us to find fabulous homes for these little dudes! Good luck in your new homes boys!

I wish all adoptions were that quick! We've had quite a few adoptions lately and our list of available dogs are dwindling by the day it seems!

Miss Dolly- is doing fabulous in her foster home! Dolly is a middle aged beagle who was found wandering in a rural area. We think she was a "breeder" let go when she couldn't produce anymore. Dolly has settled into the good life, loves to go for walks, is quite playful in the house and is a very friendly little dog. She would make a great companion for someone who wanted a walking buddy, or a dog to spoil...Dolly says spoiling is good thing!
The little pit bull/lab pups are doing great! They are growing like weeds and are great puppies- the like to follow you around and are always checking out to see where the fun is happening. They are doing great in the housetraining department and have really developed their own individual personalities. We are in need of a foster home for Mr. Obi- they are at the age where they will benefit greatly by being split up. Leia is in her very own foster home already- and we'd like to split those boys up!
Princess Rosie (that's how she likes to be addressed these days) is settling in well and is almost done her heat cycle. She will be spayed shortly and ready for her new home. She is coming along great and the foster home is really enjoying having her around. She is very quiet and well behaved in the house. Rosie seems to enjoy going for walks and is figuring out how to play with toys, and other dogs! She still LOVES people the most and will happily hang out at your feet all day! She is a 1-2 year old Corgi.
Maybe is still available to the right home as well. She is a GREAT little dog and deserves a loving home to call her own. She adores her person, and is learning to meet and greet new people properly too! She is much better in that department and is quick to make friends. Maybe is learning basic obedience and can sit, and shake a paw. She is a smart little thing who never makes a mistake. She is completely housetrained, is great in the crate and is just an all around great dog. She is a Shih Tzu/Jack Russell Cross. Maybe can not go to a home with small kids. She needs a quiter home where there is not a lot of people coming and going.