Wednesday, June 25, 2008

mmm,mmm, Cute!

Last night we got a call from a family who was finding five dogs way too overwhelming. So after some scrambling around and getting them all in foster homes they are ready to be announced. Mojo and Mikey are off to be spayed/neutered this week, and the puppies will of course be spayed/neutered when they are old enough as part of the adoption contract. Please consider carefully if you are for sure ready to add a dog to your life BEFORE you contact us.

Also you must download, fill out and send back the application form (via email) as well as include a little extra information about yourself. I will try and get back to everyone as soon as possible.

Here they are.....

Mojo is a 4 year old Pomeranian Cross. She is outgoing, friendly and just a happy, happy little dog. Mojo loves to snuggle and is quite affectionate. I think with a little bit of time she will be a great little companion. She likes to go for walks but pulls on a leash- nothing a little training can't fix! Mojo has been an indoor housedog but her housetraining is not 100%. She loves kids, is great with cats and really enjoys other dogs company. Mojo has had 4 litters of puppies and is looking forward to having a puppy free rest of her life. She will be going to be spayed prior to her adoption.

Mikey is a 1 year old Shih Tzu cross who is a little calmer than his friend Mojo. He likes to lay around and watch the world go 'round. He is cuddler and is content laying on your lap. Mikey likes to go for walks and is a great little dog. He is still a puppy himself at only a year old!!! He is not 100% on the housetraining but with a little work will catch on quick! He is great with cats, is used to kids, and likes other dogs.

And now for the pups....

The puppies are approximately 10 weeks old and are outgoing, socialised little things with very different personalities. They all adore people, and have been exposed to cats, kids and other dogs. The housetraining started last night and they will have a pretty good handle on it in a short time. As with all puppies they will need lots and lots of training- think of the chewing, the early morning pee breaks, puppies cannot be left home alone 8 hours and will need frequent breaks through out the day- they are cute for sure, but they will need work! We are taking applications on them and will have them at the adoption fair. Applications are NOT on a first come, first serve basis. We want to find the best, most suitable homes for each pup.

Miles is the laid back pup of the group. He is content to lay back and watch the action. Miles likes to be held and melts into you when you cuddle him. His little puppy sigh is quite adorable. He has curly hair and will look kind of like his dad when he is grown up.

This little cutie is Macy. She is a little spit fire and is always the center of attention. She loves to be fawned over and thinks that she should be held all the time. She is the shortest pup of the group and has silky hair. She will be very Shih Tzu looking as an adult.

The diva of the group is Minnie. This pup is a leader and is a take charge kind of puppy. To look at her she seems quite innocent doesn't she! Minnie likes to snuggle too but at this point loves to explore and investigate. She is the bravest of the bunch and will grow up to look like her mom.