Monday, June 30, 2008


Sunday was a HUGE success and I want to start by saying a heartfelt Thank You- to all the volunteers. Everyone worked very hard and without you all it would have been impossible.

Also a big thank you to the other rescues who came- Taber Animal Shelter, Brooks, Pit Bulls for life, and 2nd Chance from Pincher Creek came out and it was nice to visit, and get to know their dogs a bit better. It always amazes me at how great these dogs are. All of them have had one sad story or another and still they love us. Amazing.

Of course the Raffle table was a hit- we had a lot of great support from local businesses and our table was filled to the brim with goodies. The garage sale went over great, and the M & M BBQ was busy most of the afternoon. Between the raffle table, the garage sale and general donations we raised just over $1100! Woohoo!

We also had some really great adoptions. The one that made us the happiest of all was Dolly. Little Dolly has been with us for more than 2 months- MUCH longer than any other dog we've had. But the Perfect family for her came along and she has already settled in. Mikey also was adopted- right away his family singled him out and loved him. Only one of the pups were adopted- Miles, the curly boy. It was a surprise as we thought we'd have a ton of applications on them. And little Obi went to a great couple who will be active enough to keep up with him! Mojo will be heading off to her new home in the next week or so.

Piper, Darby, Macy, and Minni are still waiting for their families...

Thanks again to everyone who came out to support us- it was nice to meet some faces from the blog!