Thursday, July 3, 2008


Dax is a 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier who is in need of a new family to call his own. After a big life change his previous family had to give him up. Dax is a happy little guy who loves to play- he is a fetching maniac and likes to tug. He has been a much loved member of the family and is a great kids dog- he also is good with most other dogs and is respectful of cats.

Typical of his breed he is inquisitive, courageous and is a "people" dog. He likes to hang out with you and is eager to please. Dax has not had a lot of previous training but he will catch on quick- he is great in the crate and will go in no problem when asked. With a little bit of training I think Dax will be a fantastic dog.

Dax is much taller than he appears :o) I would say he is over 15" at the shoulder- he is all legs this guy! (Much better to run faster he says) Dax LOVES to run and did 100 laps around my yard last night. Just for the pure fun of it! He is very athletic and really has a ton of potential for flyball or agility.

Unlike many of his breed he gets along great with other dogs- he seems to like their company and will try and initiate play right away. If that fails he will try and er....mount them. I know. Dogs! Once he has been neutered I am sure that nasty habit will go away.

Dax is a great dog who really just needs a family who has the time to spend with him. He is not an "off-the-wall-crazy-hyper" dog. He is just a dog who needs his family around and enough exercise everyday. A nice long walk once a day and a good game of fetch will go a long way to keeping him happy!