Thursday, July 3, 2008


Meet Kate.

Kate is a three year old Collie/Shepherd cross. She was adopted out of the animal shelter a few months ago and her new family just is not equipped to deal with a dog like Kate. Kate has needs. She is a high maintenance kind of dog who likes to be with her family, and is not the kind of dog that is content to sit in the backyard. Little is known about her history but she very obviously was not socialised or got out much.

Kate likes people but like a typical shepherd is aloof and sometimes will bark. She also has leash aggression towards dogs and will bark and carry on if she sees a dog on the street. Off leash she is great. This is fixable and with consistent training she can become better at controlling herself. She has been to doggy daycare and really seemed to enjoy herself. She even played with the little guys :o) Kate can be fearful in new situations and needs to learn to be calm and depend on her owner to relax her. She has a little anxiety about being left alone and would benefit from being crate trained.

At home Kate is a couch potato and likes to be at your feet. She is easy to live with. She is great loose in the house and is completely housetrained. She is great with cats and seems to enjoy the company of another dog. In short Kate is a great dog looking for a family that has the experience, patience, and time for her.