Monday, June 16, 2008


Obi has it all- good looks, and a great personality!

(chewing a cookie was the only way to get him to stand still!)

Obi has a very outgoing, look at me, kind of attitude. He loves to be the center of attention and thinks that the world should revolve around him.
He is very much a "It's all about Me" kind of dog!

He is happy, friendly and is quite happy to meet and greet strangers. He is doing great with other dogs, is learning about cats, and is catching on pretty good to this whole housetraining thing. I met with Obi and his foster mom on Saturday and was really impressed with him. He had never met me and was all over me- confident and sure of himself. He didn't stop moving throughout the whole photo shoot- and was curious about his new surroundings.

His foster home reports that he is doing great in the crate, and is just a nice puppy to have around. He is cuddly and loves to kiss, and is a great player, he really enjoys playing with balls and squeaky toys.