Friday, August 29, 2008


What's Yellow, has the most beautiful eyes ever, and wags her tail non stop????
(I know- that was lame...but true!)
Tawny is a 2 year old purebred Lab who by no fault of her own is looking for a new home. She comes from "field bred" lines which makes her look a little different than your typical labs. Her parents were bred to actually hunt- Tawny has shown LOTS of interest in birds and even has had some field type training done. (She listens great to a whistle!) She loves to fetch- anything- sticks, rocks, balls, birds- you throw it- and she'll fetch it!
At home Tawny is a sensitive girl who wants nothing more than to be by your side- she loves to be petted, scratched and cuddled. She melts into your side and with a little sigh closes her eyes. It is very sweet!

Tawny is good in a crate, and is housetrained. She had lived most of her life outdoors but in the past few months has been learning to be a house dog- and doing a pretty good job of it!

She gets along great with kids, cats, and other dogs. She is very playful and would love a buddy to play with in the yard.

Tawny needs a home where she will get the walks and runs she needs to keep trim and healthy- and most importantly a home where she will be loved and spoiled like she deserves! It should be easy to find her a home as she is nearly perfect! (Well, I think so anyway!)