Friday, August 29, 2008

Near Perfection...

Okay, I might be exaggerating a tad bit...but he's getting there! Dax wants to know why nobody wants him.!!!

He has been hanging out in foster care for far to long and frankly is lookin' for some permanent love! Who could resist this smile?

Dax is doing GREAT- and has really calmed down with exercise, training, and rules. He is a joy to live with and is just an easy dog to be with.

He has learned that cats are good and are not for chasing- he has learned that bathroom duties only happen outside, and most importantly he has learned that people love him. He adores attention and will melt into your lap for a cuddle at a simple request. He loves to be held and is very cuddly. At home he is easy going- and will find a toy or a bone to keep himself entertained. He has discovered that the TV is fun to watch and loves the Telus commercials with the birds!

Dax has been coming to daycare to learn proper dog play and is doing great- he gets along with most other dogs and has a blast playing with his friends. He has also been learning some obedience- he can now sit and down with ease- and can even shake a paw! He has pretty decent leash manners and his recall is getting better and better.

See?!!! Nearly Perfect!