Monday, September 1, 2008


Back in January, I was thinking that I would post something awesome and positive half way thru the year. I thought I would do a quick message about our numbers. Well, it is the last day of August and have finally gotten around to tallying! I need my own secretary :)

So far this year, all 8 months of it, we have taken in 76 dogs into our system!

I knew the number would be high, as we seem to be gaining momentum! Our intake number for all of '06 was 47, and for '07 it was 99. So, any bets on our '08 number?

We have a few great dogs waiting in the wings for foster homes. We also have two great dogs, Dax and Piper, that have been with us for way too long. They have both come so far from the dogs we met the first day and both are so deserving of the best reward, a new home (better then a bone!).

Well, that is it from me! I will probably get some extra minutes to posting something again at the end of the year :)

PS: We would LOVE some more happy tails. If you wouldn't mind sending us some pictures of your new pooch, courtesy of PDCR, we would love to post them. As a foster home, I love to see how 'my' dogs turned out and I know all of our foster moms and dads would feel the same.