Monday, September 8, 2008

Life of Brian...

Meet Brian- otherwise known as Itchy. :o)
Brian was found on the Laverne Reserve near Cardston. He was near death when he was found by a caring animal lover. Brian is recovering from a very bad case of Mange. We think that he is around 12 weeks old and is likely a Shepherd cross of some sort. He is very skinny and his back legs are deformed from malnutrition. He is on his way to recovery though- and has xrays booked for later this week to see how badly his legs and pelvis were affected by the lack of food. He looks like he is in pretty rough shape doesn't he??? Amazingly he has improved a lot even in a few days. I will have photos later of the first few hours with him- he was pretty pathetic looking! Despite his condition Brian is a very nice little pup. He is full of wiggles, and is a typical puppy. He likes to cuddle but is full of energy and wants to explore all of his new surroundings. He is not contagious and with a little TLC and medication he will be a great looking pup in no time flat!