Monday, September 8, 2008

Opal and Onyx

Opal and Onyx are 1.5 year old Golden Retriever/Lab crosses. They are littermates and have not had a very good life. The two of them were your typical "farm dogs." Even at such a young age Opal has had TWO litter of puppies. They have lived exclusively outdoors and have had little human attention. Despite this they are great dogs and I have a feeling they will come around quickly!
Opal is much smaller than her brother- weighing around 50lbs or so. She is very petite and has a soft personality. She is quite submissive and wants to make you happy. She is very wiggly and ADORES people- she's just not quite sure what to do when she gets the attention!
Onyx is a handsome brute with a classic blocky golden head. He is quite a good looking dog! He is all muscle and weighs about 60 lbs. He stands about 21 inches tall. He is happy fellow who is a typical retriever- all tongue and tail! He loves to give kisses and is a confident guy.
Opal and Onyx are very attached to one another- and when they are seperated it will be quite an adjustment for them- but they will be okay and will be better off in the long run! They are doing well learning house rules and so far have not had an accident. They are good with other dogs and like kids. They will both need time to learn how to be good dogs- and an obedience class is in their near future! Right now they are learning that people are good things and that there will never be a shortage of attention again!