Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Life of Brian...continued

So we got the x-rays today. It doesn't look good for poor Brian.

Apparently his life has been worse than we thought.

It appears that he was stepped on and actually squished when he was young- very young. Can you imagine? How someone could do that to a puppy is beyond me.

Almost every bone in his pelvis area is in the wrong spot, rotated or crushed.
This dog has been in excruciating amounts of pain- and will remain so unless we fix it.

You can see from the xrays that everything appears crooked. That's because it is!
This bone is rotated the wrong way

Here are his hip bones- not where they are supposed to be at all.

Poor Guy.

So- we are sending the xrays to a specialist in Calgary.
And hopefully there will be some affordable options for him.
He is a great little pup but without surgery we will be forced to euthanise him.
We'll keep you posted.
In the mean time we will be focusing on doing some fundraising-
our bank account won't be able to afford much at all.